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I offer three approaches to therapy for adults and young people, supporting you through a range of issues and experiences.


Most of my work is supporting adults and young people to work through complex trauma, health anxiety, birth trauma, abuse, childhood trauma and depression. Working through issues such as these can be painful but also transformational and can enable you find ways to overcome difficulties  and the constant pain of carrying these experience around with you all the time. 


I offer a free 45 minute initial session. If we decide to work together and the fit is right for you, we will have 6 initial session with a review and then can work together for as long as you need. 


Adults: £55

Young People: £60

​Some people ask me why the fees for young people are slightly higher; this is because there is a higher duty of care and risk and safeguarding with young people. 


Core Process Psychotherapy is a combination of western psychodynamic psychology and eastern Buddhism. It uses a mindful approach to help us become aware of what might be happening for us, in our mind and body. It can help us understand our experiences now and in the past and how they may have formed patterns within us. This type of psychotherapy can be deeply moving and when held is trusting therapeutic relationship can enable lasting change.

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Integrative counselling involves an adaptive approach, whereby I pull on a number of therapeutic practices, fully responding to the individual to explore together what challenges they may be facing. There is flexibility in this model of counselling as it moves with the needs of the individual, as they change and develop throughout the counselling process.


Being a young person can suck sometimes! There are so many things to navigate - exams, friendships, home life, trying to find where you fit in; it can all become too much very easily. Sometimes all you need is someone to talk to.


I struggled myself which made me want to help others, and now offer support both in my private practice and in a local secondary school with young people from the ages of 15.


If you have any questions or would like to speak to me about any of the counselling and psychotherapy services I offer, please visit my contact page using the link below.

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